Alembic Custom Series Ii Left Handed Bass Guitar

 59662606254971580 Alembic Custom Series Ii Left Handed Bass Guitar

If you are a lefty this as a "one in a million" opportunity as basses like this just don't come around on the internet for sale. Us lefty's don't have the luxury of surfing and finding Custom left handed Alembics, etc. floating around on websites for sale.. This bass has been out of the case maybe 20 times since I had it built. It still has the new smell. You can save yourself $10,000 and one to two years of "build time waiting"as this bass retails for over $27,000 with all of the custom extras. This is the most incredible left handed bass that Alembic has turned out in a while. Mica graciously wanted me to write my story to her so that she could make it a "Featured Custom of the Month" but I just never got back to her. I am very sad to let this bass go but it needs to get into the player's hand that deserve's it at this time. My life is so filled with my now 6 year old son that I never get to play it. I am a full time plumbing contractor and there isn't enough hours in a day. This bass is definetly a studio recording instrument and has awesome stage presence.

It also comes with the DS-5R rack mount power supply/stereo splitter and the five pin cord that connects the bass to it. The bass has blue laser lights on the side of the neck and on the top of the neck imbedded in the pearl fret markers with a dimmer switch for both. They are very luminous and bright and will electrify and auditorium. There is also a custom 2 Palm Tree pearl inlay on the fifth fret as shown in the pictures.

The constructing of the bass may be viewed on the website. When you get there you click on "Alembic club", then scroll down to "Factory to Customer" and click on Paul's Series II custom MeleAloha, that is her name! Many hours went into design as well as construction. Here you can watch how the bass was styled by many opinions of the great people in the Alembic Club and enjoy the professional pictures taken by Mica.

The history behind the Series II electronics which is what sets this bass apart from most is available to read about and highly recomended on the Alembic site. You can read about the unique design that made Ron and Susan Wickersham very well known amongst rock and rolls best artists.

It is a stereo bass which can also be played in mono and without the DS-5R box. There are two built-in batteries for the 18 volt on board pre-amp and laser lights. The variety of tones from the Series II electronics is virtually endless. One can dial in an array of sounds from Hofner to Eb-3 to vintage to modern smooth jazz tones. Every adjustment is possible from the double truss rods to an adjustable nut and universal bridge settings. These only need be touched when switching string sizes and types or raising and lowering the strings for "touch". This neck can play in the lowest string settings.

The neck is my custom design. Looming amongst the thirteen layers of this "neck through" are three strips of Ebony equalling over $3,500 as well as an Ebony finger board for the most "unheard of" Sustain and Fundamental. In the 20 or so coats of finish that were applied, the Quilted Coco Bolo leaves it's own classic impression on the front face around the pickups as indicated in the pictures. I love this marbly effect. Two layers below the Quilted Coco Bolo top and bottom accents the Heart or "Aloha" of the bass with 2 layers of Koa from Hawaii...  There is neither a scratch nor a flaw with this bass.

On the top of the bass near the tuners is the Alembic Logo styled in polished Gold finish with beautiful Abalone background as well as colorful Abalone sun rays!

A collector? Absolutely!

Here's the specifications for:

"Mele Aloha"

Series II 5-string
Left handed
Balance body shape with heart omega
Tummy and Elbow contours

Body lamination pattern:

Quilted Coco Bolo top
Maple pinstripe
Koa accent laminate
Flame Maple core
Koa accent laminate
Maple pinstripe
Coco Bolo back

Neck lamination pattern:

Flame Maple (2/3)
Vermilion pinstripe
Flame Maple (1/3)

Ebony laminate
Vermilion laminate
Maple pinstripe
Ebony laminate
Maple pinstripe
Vermilion laminate
Ebony laminate

Flame Maple laminate (1/3)
Vermilion pinstripe
Flame Maple laminate (2/3)

Crown peghead 3+2
Bevelled front and back
Fretted Ebony fingerboard
Abalone oval inlays
Palm Trees inlay at 5th fret*
Initials PM at 12th fret*
Front Laser LEDs in blue
Side LEDs in blue
External dimmer that controls both sets of LEDs
Comfort taper neck (like Excel)

Gold plated hardware (tuners, nut, bridge, bridgeblock, bird
tailpiece and truss rod cover)
Continuous wood backplates
Black collet knobs
Recessed gold logo with shell
Add abalone rays to logo*

Polyester gloss finish with satin neck feel
Series II electronics with stereo/mono switch

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail for more info. I will cover shipping within Hawaii, Alaska, and continental U.S.A.

Aloha, Paul

 59662606254971581 Alembic Custom Series Ii Left Handed Bass Guitar

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